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Nurturing Compassion; Balancing the Wood Element in Spring

I am not sure why at 19 years old I was fascinated by Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture. I have often found that when a need arises for me, the answers also arise. I have met and partaken in many different kinds of acupuncture and Chinese medicine practices in my life time. One type in particular has had a powerful impact on me.

Years ago, in a time of need, I met a five element acupuncturist. I was very intrigued by what made 5 element acupuncture different from other forms of acupuncture. What I learned was that it is a very ancient form, believed to have  been in practice as early as 200 BC. 5 element practitioners believe that each person has a root cause, precipitating one dominant element that is weakened or imbalanced. They believe that conditions around a persons birth or early childhood are considered to be the "root cause," that would determine the persons causative factor (CF) and their conditional weakness. The 5 element view, is that each person has a CF that determines physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. The CF element effects a persons temperament, personality, health, and emotions, constituting their own unique climate. 

As we move into the SPRING season I thought it would be helpful to share with all of you characteristics of WOOD element associated with the spring season.

Wood element energetic is described as forward movement, growth, expansion, and exuberance. Its energies are symbolic of spring, vitality and vigor. The associated organs for the wood element are liver and the gallbladder. Its emotional association is anger, at its lowest, and compassion, at its highest. When wood element is in harmony, there is freedom of expression and open space for expansion. Wood element in disharmony is driven by frustration, anger, jealousy and stagnation. Wood element in disharmony has either lack of ambition or over competitiveness. 

Is Your Causative Factor A Wood Element?

Wood type CF’s can be highly competitive, they love adventure and seek out challenges. Physically, they typically have thin, lean bodies. They often have thin faces with a long nose and high foreheads. Wood types are natural leaders, and can be driven. The emotional imbalance is shown in their quick anger, irritability, and frustration. Wood CF tends toward PMS, high blood pressure, headaches, and tight muscles. They can also have problems with the eyes. 

Wood types would do well to take time for relaxation and play. Daily stretching would be helpful. Be mindful to be more flexible in body and mind. The organ associated with the wood type is the liver/gallbladder. Avoiding over indulgence in fatty foods and alcohol is a must for this type. Sour foods are healing to the liver, but be careful not to over do it as this can erode the biofilm in the mouth over time. 

Our 5 Element Oil Blends were formulated to nourish each of the 5 elements. Our COMPASSION, wood element blend contains essential oils that help cool and moisten the liver/gallbladder meridian. The floral aspects of the blend are used to assist in moving stuck negative and repressed emotions, and help wood imbalances caused from feeling encumbered and fixated. Spring is the perfect time to use this oil blend, but also anytime you feel that you have been repressing or stuffing your emotions and that is leaving you feeling resentful and stuck.