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It is standard belief in the cosmetics industry, that each of us has a skin type that is determined by our genetics. The 4 skin types are dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Out dated science tells us that our genes are set, therefore our skin type is also unchangeable. 

EAA takes a different point of view. New discoveries in epigenetics, (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself) have proven that you can change your gene expression with dietary changes. We have seen changes in skin “types” with dietary and nutrition focused skin care products. EAA products are formulated using nutritional, plant based, organic ingredients.

Our philosophy regarding skin typing is unique in that we believe when you offer the skin, organic plant based and highly nourishing substances, the skin knows innately how to find its natural balance. Chemical based skin care lines, often contribute to, rather than heal, many skin conditions. 

 The days of people believing that chemistry has more of an active effect on the skin, than natural plant based ingredients, is akin to the media telling people that butter was bad for them and that they would have less heart disease if they ate margarine. As it turns out, the hydrogenated fats in margarine actually greatly contributes to heart disease. The cheap manmade chemicals used in almost every other skin care line I have seen, do more harm than good. Not only to your body, but to the environment as they are washed off of the skin and into our waterways.

EAA has formulated skin care products that address all skin types and conditions. With nutrition as a focus, our ingredients nourish the skin, to encourage balancing of all skin types and conditions. We believe that if you feed your skin with nourishing ingredients, your skin can naturally find its own healthy balance.