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Heat, Love & Fire; early summer rituals

We asked our friend Ilsa Marie, an accomplished yoga and mindfulness instructor, to try out our newest 5 Element Essential Oil Blend for the Early Summer season. She shared with us her favorite ways to use this powerful blend to inspire your own uses. Enjoy!

Nurturing Compassion; Balancing the Wood Element in Spring

I am not sure why at 19 years old I was fascinated by Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture. I have often found that when a need arises for me, the answers also arise. I have met and partaken in many different kinds of acupuncture and Chinese medicine practices in my life...


Years ago, as I was formulating products for EAA, I was very drawn to using hydrosols in place of water, but I really had no idea, at the time, just how powerful they are as agents of healing. I wanted to have a direct experience of making the hydrosols myself,...

Winter Rituals For Health & Renewal

It can be challenging for many to maintain health and energy levels in the winter months. I would love to share with you some of the ways that I find balance in the stillness and darkness of winter, and rituals I incorporate in my winter wellness practices to support my...

Winter Water Wisdom

The season of winter in Chinese medicine is represented by the element of water. Winter energies are the most yin (cold, dark, slow, inward), and relate to rest, introspection, darkness, germination and fertility. Winter, of all the seasons, especially in ancient times, was the most challenging season to our survival.  If you find...

An Introduction to 5-Element Theory

The 5 Element theory is foundational to Chinese medicine, whose roots are deep in history. Traced back to the Song Dynasty (AD 1000). The 5-element system, simply stated, is a way to observe the flow of nature in its constructive and destructive patterns.