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Esoteric Alchemy

Through written history we can trace back threads of esoteric alchemy to the ancient Egyptian cultures, but it is my belief that the esoteric arts have been on the earth and with civilization for as long as there have been humans here. In each being there is a spark of the divine essence that exists. Over many incarnations, this spark grows in intensity and brilliance, and at a certain point in its evolution, seeks to reconnect with its source.

At the core of alchemy arts, is the desire to transform a substance of lesser value to something of greater value. The hidden mysticism of alchemy, if contemplated, shows the desire of the alchemist to perform the transformation of base metal, lead, or the physical consciousness into gold. Gold, representing Self and God realization and entry through the 3rd eye aperture. 


 Over time the esoteric alchemic teachings which focused on the transformation of the self, devolved into exotericism. Exotericism is the desire to understand and manipulate the physical world in order to gain profit from it. This we call science.

Hermes Trismegistus, a mystic from ancient Egypt, is attributed with the concept of as above so below. In his postulate, we find clues to the need for transmutation for our basic human survival. For example, the microcosm can be demonstrated when we look at the body’s ability to break down food into the necessary energy to fuel the body. We can see that this is a base example of transmutation. In the macroscopic view, we have our consciousness that over time seeks to understand its origin and source of existence. At that time, the alchemist is ready to embrace a discipline and a Master Alchemist that can assist the process of purifying the base aspects of the self and transmute them into gold (God consciousness).

There is a purification process that must transpire for the alchemist to attain this transformation, in the acquisition of the elixir of life. Contemplation leads to purification or illumination. The secrets to finding the philosophers stone or the golden door, is hidden where most would never think to find it, within the body itself. Every alchemist needs a quiet laboratory, and each must retire inside oneself to find it.

Each human being must pass through seven stages to be purified. This is a grand journey toward the Infinite. Each soul must follow the Sound current, toward its Divine home. The ancient mystic alchemists called this “the music of the spheres”. Mystics understand that everything in existence is alive with its own unique vibration. It is this Sound current that connects us and sustains life, and consciousness. There is an alchemical purification process that readies each being to ascend. There must be initiation into the Sound vibration that carries the consciousness up to and through the golden door. Through the purification of consciousness, there is a refinement of the quality of the sound that emanated from each being, and an attunement to hear the voice of God. Many have misinturpurated this purification process and have made it scientific in nature.

The seven steps of spiritual alchemy

  1. Calcination

(scientific) Decomposition of a substance through pressure or heat.

(mystic) As each soul comes back into the physical consciousness, it must leave the astral and condense itself into the physical consciousness. The elimination chakra is the seat of the earth element. Here physical willpower is developed.

  1. Dissolution

(scientific) The process by which a separation of a substance forms a solution in a solvent.

(mystic) The consciousness has awareness of its individuation and seeks connection in the physical. 

  1. Separation

(scientific) The process that converts a mixture of chemical substance into two or more distinct mixtures.

(mystic) The consciousness is made aware that in the physical universe there will always exist a polarity of opposites (duality). When this chakra is purified, consciousness seeks spiritual nourishment. 

  1. Conjunction

(scientific) When molecules are conjoined with each other through chemical bonds.

(mystic) The release of outer concerns of love and a re-absorption into the Divine love that brings physical love into balance.

  1. Fermentation

(scientific) A chemically controlled anaerobic breakdown of an energy rich compound.

(mystic) The 5th Chakra, seat of fantasy and delusion. When spiritualized, the realization that no truth resides in the physical consciousness. Only an enlightened soul can speak Truth. 

  1. Distillation

(scientific) The separating of constituents by boiling to remove one component from a complex mixture.

(mystic) The last chakra of the body consciousness. Here the mind and the soul are knotted together and further purification begins the separation process. The soul becomes the witness, the observer, the attention faculty. 

  1. Coagulation

(scientific) The clumping or thickening of particles.

(mystic) The 7th chakra, the point where consciousness begins to perceive its Divine nature. The spiritual journey home begins.

The ultimate task of the alchemist is to uncover the mysteries within. To fix the attention on what is Real and True, and rise above the limits of the physical, mental, and emotional consciousness, and leave the karmic wheel and become First Cause. Devotion through love transmutes the base consciousness into GOLD.