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Nurturing Compassion; Balancing the Wood Element in Spring

I am not sure why at 19 years old I was fascinated by Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture. I have often found that when a need arises for me, the answers also arise. I have met and partaken in many different kinds of acupuncture and Chinese medicine practices in my life time. One type in particular has had a powerful impact on me. Years ago, in a time of need, I met a five element acupuncturist. They believe that conditions around a persons birth or early childhood are considered to be the "root cause," that would determine the persons causative factor (CF) and their conditional weakness. The 5 element view, is that each person has a CF that determines physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. The CF element effects a persons temperament, personality, health, and emotions, constituting their own unique climate. As we move into the SPRING season I thought it would be helpful to share with all of you characteristics of WOOD element associated with the spring season.