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PURE INGREDIENTS Essential oils are the heart of all EAA formulations. These powerful and transformative molecules offer a vast array of health benefits that range from detoxifying to soothing, anti-bacterial to anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving to stimulating. Not to mention, they smell incredible and have a huge effect on our mood via the limbic system.

CRUELTY FREE Our products are made of all-natural, plant-based ingredients, and are 90% organically sourced. Most products are vegan excluding KISS and BEHAVE (beeswax). Pure essential oils have an innate intelligence to restore the body to a state of balance. These alchemical essences are the core of all my formulations.

SUSTAINABLE Our products are packaged with minimal plastic, in easy to recycle amber glass bottles and post-consumer recycled boxes. We're currently working towards growing the majority of our own botanicals on our partner farm Huntermoon Homestead, including roses, lavender, chamomile, and comfrey, as well as distilling hydrosols! 

Ingredients not grown on site, are sourced as much as possible from independent farmers, compliant with forestry and sustainable farming techniques.



EAA products have been meticulously created with a focus on nourishing the skin and assisting the body to find its natural balance. All batches are hand made to meet our high standards, and have been formulated to be used in a multitude of ways. We encourage you to create your own alchemy, and tailor our products to match your particular skin conditions.
EAA uses no fillers (including water), making all ingredients active agents! It's our attention to these details that sets us apart from every other skin care line on the market. 




EAA was founded by Kate Poole. Kate was inspired by the transformative powers of plant medicines, and the ability of natural materials to assist the body's innate intelligence to find balance and wholeness. With her background in plant studies and nutrition, she brings a unique vision to her alchemical process.


Kate Poole

kate"There are two very large maple trees on the north side of the house. They are a perfect distance apart for a large hammock. When I lay in the hammock (a rare occasion) and look up through the layers of woody arms and fingers of green leaves, and masses of yellow flowers that turn to propeller shaped seeds, and past that into the deep azure of the sky, with my ears full of the hum of the thousands of bees finding sustenance in each tiny flower, I get quiet for a moment. The history of a place, the rhythms of time, and nature, and seasons, come crashing in as awareness of this time, in this place. 

Around the base of the tree are hundreds of maple seedlings with a biological urge to survive and become something. But they all live in the shadow of the big trees. I can see myself in each of these arbor offspring. All the parts of myself that ran out into the world to be fulfilled. For this life time has been a daily unfolding of all of my dreams come true. 

Dreams of partnership that evolved in loving ways for over fifteen thousand days. The circle of children and friendships that blended into family, too. A fine collection of passions, I did fight for, to make my own, in my own way. Names of stars, names of plants, names of painters and poets, names of ancient places covered with ash and mud, names of tribes, names of colors, names of ancestry, names of perfumes, names of ways to heal and nurture. Dreams that have been written down to show my progress.

There is a subtleness that comes with turning inside for truth. Truth be known, by becoming subtle. I am here to remind anyone who will listen. We are all beautiful dreams coming true."



Kim Smith

KimThemes of nourishment and nurturing run like rivers through my life. What feeds the soul is the act of giving, it comes natural to me, and fills the parts of me that went unattended to. I am supportive by nature.

Some of us are born with an open heart and it was always a challenge for me to guard what was mine, and protect myself from what was other. Sometimes the lines got so blurred, it wore me out. I craved the remedies provided by the mother of nature, to tend to my sensitive composition, but nature ways didn’t fit in with my family, so I kept this form of nurturing private. I held my love of plant medicines and healing to myself, until someday I could share my love of them with the world. I share this love with you now. 

 The ways of water are my language. They say still waters run deep. I look out each day onto the Salish Sea and the salt briny air blows through my home. There is daily renewal and cleansing living here by the sea. I seek ways to be True to my authenticity. I find a sort of comfort in the linear and the sums and totals. Numbers are predictable and stable and there is confidence and accomplishment when the balance is found. 

All of the botanical parts are measured and blended together to make a beautiful offering. I help to create beauty and seek beauty and find beauty in the offerings.