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An Introduction to 5-Element Theory

This is a perfect time to share with all of you an introduction to 5-element theory, as we head into the winter months. I find essential oils to be a very supportive aid, especially with our current health challenges. I will be looking through the lens of Chinese Medicine philosophy to give you some very basic ideas behind this ancient practice.


I am hoping that most of our readers have some basic knowledge of the use of essential oils. If you are new to using essential oils, I would invite you to explore on your own the vast amount of information available.

The 5 Element theory is foundational to Chinese medicine, whose roots are deep in history. Traced back to the Song Dynasty (AD 1000). The 5-element system, simply stated, is a way to observe the flow of nature in its constructive and destructive patterns. In the creation cycle of the 5 elements, Wood absorbs and raises Water within the tree. Fire burns and consumes Wood leaving ash or Earth. From Earth there is a concentration of Metals. When Metal is smelted, it gives off vapor Water. In the destructive cycle of the 5 elements, Water distinguishes Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal chops Wood, Wood feeds and is from Earth, Earth when dammed controls Water. It is best to think of the 5 elements as energies, rather than actual elements.

As much as possible we want to give support to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Many new thinkers believe that dis-ease starts in the mental and emotional bodies well before we manifest symptoms in our physical bodies. If we can offer support in these subtle bodies first, we may well prevent disharmony from gaining a foothold to manifest in the physical body.


Essential oils are powerful chemical molecules that can make very powerful impacts on our health. History of use and research has proven that essential oils contain effective antimicrobial and antiseptic agents. Essential oils can assist in the elimination of toxins at the cellular level.

The intelligence of these powerful plant extracts gives them an innate wisdom. They are not detrimental or destructive to the body, as they address pathogens or disease. Numerous studies over the decades have shown essential oils to be highly effective in preventing the spread of airborne infections.

The use and application of essential oils is wide. We have added our proprietary blends in a base of organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It has a waxy substance that mimics collagen. Jojoba oil can reduce wrinkles by increasing hydration and is wonderful for the skin because of its high absorption properties. It is anti-inflammatory and helps heal dry skin, replacing lost oil production. We encourage you to explore ways to use these 5 element blends, and share with us your favorite use. My favorite way to use them is in my bath water. I add at least a heaping cup of Epsom salts and 10-20 drops of the 5 Element blend to my bath water. They also make amazing massage oils as is. You can use them as a scalp treatment, or as a foot massage, as well.

Our first offering is our REVERENCE Autumn Oil Blend

This blend of essential oils addresses the spiritual aspects of balancing the Metal element. Metal element energetic is described as intuition, grief, courage, letting go, and having boundaries and protection. The associated organs that relate to Metal element are the lungs and large intestines. Its emotional association is grief, regret, and detachment, at its lowest, and reverence at its highest expression. Metal element in balance teaches us to have open but clear boundaries, keeping what is useful and beautiful. Metal’s planetary ruler is Venus. FIND IT HERE>

I find it very interesting that Covid-19 has kept the citizens of the world fairly isolated and, for many, unable to cope, and in various stages of grief. Both isolation and grief in excess will weaken the lungs. We have chosen essential oils for this blend that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-depressive, blood moving, mildly decongestant, expectorant, and lymph and immune tonifying. Energetically, these oils help to ease grief and remorse and allow stuck emotions to express themselves. They may offer a feeling of inner strength and fortitude. We also chose oils that are calming and give a feeling of protection.

Essential Apothecary Alchemist is extremely excited to share with you a project we have been working on for quite some time...

Launching this month, we are excited to introduce our new FIVE ELEMENT ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS. These tonic essential oil blends are formulated to assist and support seasonal, elemental, and emotional challenges associated with the 5 seasons in respect to the Chinese medicine system.

Over the next 5 seasons we will be offering an exclusive release of these unique essential oil blends. Each season I will give you an overview of the blended essential oils we have chosen to use in our Five Element Blends, that may assist your vitality: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

*Pregnant women and children under 2 should avoid this product. These statements are not meant as medical advice. If you have a reaction to using the oil, stop using it.


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