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Heat, Love & Fire; early summer rituals

Oh for the heat and the exuberance of summer!!! The summer season calls out even the most committed introvert. Early Summer is the 5 Element season for our newest essential oil blend; a beautiful floral and spicy blend to balance and restore the FIRE element.

Fire element has characteristics of passion and exuberance. What makes us unique and individualistic is nourished by the fire element. The associated organs for the Fire element are the heart/pericardium and the triple burner (digestion). Think about the heart as a noble guardian, that administrates through a broad vision and experience with understanding and love. In Chinese Medicine practices, the heart is also the seat of the mind (Shen), or our conscious awareness. The spirit within seeks to integrate its disharmonious parts and bring them all together in a harmonious melody. It is with our hearts that we experience the pleasure of love. When the FIRE element is functioning  harmoniously, we have a balanced mental and emotional nature, and a strong sense of self. 


We asked our friend Ilsa Marie, an accomplished yoga and mindfulness instructor, to try out our newest 5 Element Essential Oil Blend for the Early Summer season. She shared with us her favorite ways to use this powerful blend to inspire your own uses. Enjoy!

Summertime & Essential Oils

Now that summer is is in full swing, it’s time to embrace the new energy this season offers. For many of us, myself included, these hot sunny days can make us feel less motivated, focused and can even bring the summer blues while we dream of the places we wish we could be ( Greece anyone ?!). Something I’ve recently discovered that has brought such a beautiful new wave to embrace the change has been the use of essential oils. My dear friend Christina Jett, introduced me to Essential Apothecary Alchemist and after meeting their founder, Kate Poole, I was inspired to try their newest Summer Essential Oil Blend, LOVE.

New to essential oils? Well, me too! I mean I’ve used them on occasion, but Kate truly inspired me to be curious and playful with my discovery of how to best experience the mindfully crafted Summer blend.

So I wanted to share with you all the 3 lovely ways I’ve used this blend that’s allowed me to re-energize, find clarity, and joy in the heat of it all!

Ilsa Marie Yoga Practice




As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I spend A LOT of time on my mat. I wanted to incorporate the beautiful blend while moving through poses. I added a few drops in an empty glass spray bottle filled with water. From there, I sprayed my matt with the lovely aroma of Summer. This was a special way to incorporate the blend while breathing in radiance throughout my flow.


Diffuser essential oils







Adding a few drops of essential oils into my diffuser is one of my most common practices in my workspace. Like with everything, the quality of ingredients matters and makes ALL the difference. I could tell right away the care and quality that Kate and her team put into this blend. As I work from home, staying focused and keeping mental clarity can be hard- especially during the summer (when I am most prone to day dream). I found this diffused blend super energizing, allowing me to create in such a productive light!





face mist


After trying out the the blend a few different ways. I decided to also try it as an overall spritzer. Diluting the essential oils in a glass spray bottle and spraying lightly across my face and body felt so incredibly refreshing! The scent of these florals is too good not to use it as a body mist when desired.





So there you have it! 3 different ways I enjoyed using the Love Summer Blend. Neat thing is - these are just 3 out of a hundred ways one can use essential oils. What I didn’t realize is the truly healing effects the power of these oils can have. The fire element, which this blend is based off of, directs health and functionality to the heart and digestive system - two areas of our body that serve us every minute of the day.

Lovingly handcrafted, this blend offers the ultimate summertime self care!