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Ritual Bath

We recently asked our dear friend and maker, Aimee Bishop to share her bath ritual with us. Submerging in water has been used in self-care and ritual throughout all of human history. Take this sweet time, under the Cancer sun, to give yourself the gift of a healing bath.

"When we moved onto this land full of aspen and conifer trees, and 3 mountain springs, I dreamed of having an old tub to ritual bathe under the moon.

I wanted to experience the elements fire, water, earth and air and stare at the stars. To bask in the moons glow and soak in the mountain air.

I loved the idea of collecting  plants like a child would, carefully making a beautiful brew to soak in. I wanted these baths to be art.

Tonight under the fullness of the Pink Moon my ritual bath dream came true.

Ritual Bath Ingredients

We started with a vintage cast iron tub carefully set atop a fire pit dug deep into the land. I called this my goddess bath and chose rose for its divine feminine properties, lavender and chamomile for their calming effect. I also choose lemon balm as it is traditionally used to uplift the spirit, but I love it for its heart healing benefits. Lemon Balm has been used in spells for centuries to heal broken hearts and attract love.  In addition to these sacred plants I added a mix of epsom salt, apricot oil and Dead Sea minerals, and one of my most favorite EAA Essential Oil Blends, Spring Wood Compassion.

This act of self love, this divinely expressing my deep gratitude for this body of mine, is definitely calling me home and reminding me how important these rituals are. Whether it’s a beautifully designed ritual bath or a simple foot soak in a gorgeous bowl, a moment of self love is one of the most powerful acts we can do for ourselves. Life is art. Life is ceremony."