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Getting The Best Cleanse: Facial Cleansing Protocol

The goal with our skincare cleansing regimen is to increase circulation through massage. This encourages lymphatic drainage and helps the product to tonify and penetrate deeper into the skin. Because EAA skincare is balancing, you should see changes, healing and balancing in your skin with continued use.

Heat, Love & Fire; early summer rituals

We asked our friend Ilsa Marie, an accomplished yoga and mindfulness instructor, to try out our newest 5 Element Essential Oil Blend for the Early Summer season. She shared with us her favorite ways to use this powerful blend to inspire your own uses. Enjoy!

Ritual Bath

This act of self love, this divinely expressing my deep gratitude for this body of mine, is definitely calling me home and reminding me how important these rituals are. Whether it’s a beautifully designed ritual bath or a simple foot soak in a gorgeous bowl, a moment of self love...


Years ago, as I was formulating products for EAA, I was very drawn to using hydrosols in place of water, but I really had no idea, at the time, just how powerful they are as agents of healing. I wanted to have a direct experience of making the hydrosols myself,...

Fighting Free Radical Damage

The levels of pollution in our air, including all of the smoke that currently covers the Western United States, is an assault on our bodies and the earth down to our cellular levels. Is there anything that can be done to minimize the effects of exposure to these free radical...

In the Eyes of the Beholder

Some people are naturally hard on themselves, born with an innate need to seek “perfection.” Others have adopted the accumulated voices from our past, the media, family, and friends that can be less than flattering to an already fragile sense of self. These mostly unconscious messages make groves of repetition, and cultivate a...