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Winter Water Wisdom

The season of winter in Chinese medicine is represented by the element of water. Water describes the characteristics of winter as condensed and essential.

Winter energies are the most yin (cold, dark, slow, inward), and relate to rest, introspection, darkness, germination and fertility.

The associated organs for the winter time in Chinese medicine, are the kidney and bladder. The emotion of fear is associated with the kidney meridian. Excess fear can damage or weaken the kidneys. At its highest expression of health, kidney or water element is expressed as wisdom. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are said to house the will or the spirit where we derive our will to survive.

Winter, of all the seasons, especially in ancient times, was the most challenging season to our survival. When water element is in harmony we are determined and capable. When our water element is in disharmony, we can feel defeated and apathetic. Water element in disharmony is driven by fear of being overwhelmed or driven because of insecurity. 

Our ancient ancestors lived more in harmony with the seasons. If you find yourself feeling apathetic or depressed in the winter months, maybe a reframing is in order? If you understand that it is natural for your body to require more rest and nourishment, and for your spirit to need more reflective introspection you are actually in balance with the flow of the season. Being in harmony with winter, we would naturally slow down, rest, and relax. Isn’t that a better way to view the "winter blues?"

For our Winter WATER WISDOM 5 element essential oil blend, we have chosen essential oils that are warming and, by their nature, improve willpower and determination. Warming oils are also helpful in stimulating circulation for those who have problems with cold extremities in the winter. We have also added tree oils for strength and fortification, and for assisting in supporting feelings of stability in times of crisis and change. In addition, we blended in floral notes to uplift the senses, and support the yin energy of the body. 

We love using the WINTER oil blend in a warm bath with Epsom salts added. They are also wonderful on the bottom of the feet, or massaged over the low back (kidney area). Use them also for full body massages or a lovely warm oil scalp treatment. To support your kidneys in the winter months, make sure you are getting enough quality sleep and drinking ample water. Consider making bone broths with ginger and garlic, they can be very nourishing for the kidneys in winter.

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