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Winter Wellness: Body, Mind, Spirit

With winter coming on it seems as if the cards are stacked against us... The days are short and dark, the skies are low and the clouds pour endless rain.  The holidays come on so quickly, and the pressures of family, friends, expenses, and traveling, can sometimes feel like a burden too heavy to bear. I would like to give you all a few pearls that I have learned through the years to assist you, to be able to rise above, and shine through, the darkness of winter.

winter berries

Believe it or not, winter is my favorite season. I love the quiet that is imposed upon humanity, and the opportunity to go inside and nourish the germinating seeds that will take root in the coming months. My clients would often say to me, I think I am depressed, what can I do about that? My answer - The "blues" that can sometimes ascend upon us in the dark months are actually our bodies slowing down to repair and recuperate from all the high energy of summer.

It is a great time to sleep longer, rest more, contemplate much, and with this slowing down, letting ourselves, feel all of our feelings.

My definition for depression is - repressed emotions. We rarely take the time to let ourselves have our feelings. So by letting ourselves feel our feelings, we can give a voice to what we most need that perhaps we have been ignoring. Take the time to slow down, go inside, feel your feelings, give voice to your truth, and be more in tune with the hibernation that comes with the season. 

Using essential oils to treat the winter blues is a pleasurable and lovely way to allay the feelings of powerlessness and apathy that can come on as winter approaches. Thyme essential oil can helps to balance the depressed feelings and helps to fortify a persons sense of self. Rosemary and Tea Tree oils also offer their neurotonic qualities. Juniper in combination with Thyme is useful for those people who feel defeated and want to give up on life. These oils are for those individuals who isolate themselves and get stuck in a loop of fear and worry. Cypress oil is good for encouraging the will power to stand up for oneself when needed. Ginger oil is warming and can assist a feelings of being lifted from the gloom. Geranium oil is cooling in nature and is recommended for people who push too hard and need assistance to slow down and relax. Clary Sage can also be used for those who feel utterly depleted. The Citrus oils (orange, grapefruit, and lemon) are great for uplifting the spirit. The Conifer Tree oils (pine, spruce, fir) are great at assisting a feeling of grounded self confidence. 

You can add these oils into a carrier oil and massage them into the bottoms of the feet and the palms of the hands. I like to diffuse them into the air in the dark months to lift the spirit and discourage the inner darkness that comes with the season,

All the best to all of you! Happy winter.