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Ritual Bath

This act of self love, this divinely expressing my deep gratitude for this body of mine, is definitely calling me home and reminding me how important these rituals are. Whether it’s a beautifully designed ritual bath or a simple foot soak in a gorgeous bowl, a moment of self love is one of the most powerful acts we can do for ourselves. Life is art. Life is ceremony.


Years ago, as I was formulating products for EAA, I was very drawn to using hydrosols in place of water, but I really had no idea, at the time, just how powerful they are as agents of healing. I wanted to have a direct experience of making the hydrosols myself,...

Setting Intention & Finding Wholeness; Introducing Phelicia Magnusson of Queen & Crow Healing Arts

I had a lot of exposure to [clinical herbalism] teachers that are very well know in Western herbalism, but no one was talking about that emotional component that I was feeling. They would mention it, but we didn’t explore it much. We were expected to learn and explore the clinical...

Winter Rituals For Health & Renewal

It can be challenging for many to maintain health and energy levels in the winter months. I would love to share with you some of the ways that I find balance in the stillness and darkness of winter, and rituals I incorporate in my winter wellness practices to support my...

The Art Of Being Yourself

The art of being yourself as told in a TED talk by Caroline McHugh. Look at yourself and allow the you to come through! Let your one-of-a-kind shine!

In the Eyes of the Beholder

Some people are naturally hard on themselves, born with an innate need to seek “perfection.” Others have adopted the accumulated voices from our past, the media, family, and friends that can be less than flattering to an already fragile sense of self. These mostly unconscious messages make groves of repetition, and cultivate a...