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What You're Really Paying For In 'Luxury' Skincare

A few years ago, I met with one of the top sales managers, for one of the top selling beauty brands in America. At the time I felt honored that she would be willing to meet with me to discuss beauty brands, market trends, selling methods, brand identities... basically all things beauty. But as we talked I became puzzled as to why a young, beautiful and intelligent woman would want to represent a product that was not only very expensive, but was also full of toxic ingredients. I had my computer open and pulled up the long list of ingredients of their top selling product.  

I asked her about the brand's story and how they had become so well received and so popular. The story, a bit like mine, was that the founder had taken years to formulate their skin cream, and was looking to create a cream that would heal the skin. Also, like EAA, they looked to nature for the answer. I will say the top ingredient, is definitely a skin healing sensation. We also use it in our products. This is where the similarities end. As I studied the ingredients list I noticed a list of beautiful, but also toxic ingredients.

I pondered, if you make a salad full of fresh, organic vegetables, and then you dress it with a dressing made of petroleum, aluminum, and denatured alcohol, would you consider the salad healthy for you? Does the list of good ingredients offset the list of bad ingredients? I don’t think so!! 


I am always suspect of pure white creams. Nothing in nature is pure white. I liken it to Wonder Bread, as it has very little nutritional value. I would take a guess and say that most brands selling a face cream, if it is pure white, are purchasing it in bulk from another source and repackaging it. Our LUSH moisturizing cream is made completely by hand. 

“So,” I asked her as she was about to leave, “Please tell me how they can justify the price... up to $325 for a 2oz jar!?” And you know what she said to me? She said, “Advertising. We charge that much to pay to sell our products.” I was so naive when I started EAA, I just wanted everyone I loved to be able to afford my products. I didn’t want the price to stop anyone from trying it. So many people buy the hype, the celebrity endorsements, the glossy magazine photos. They are literally paying the company to sell it to themselves. 

We have always depended on our word-of-mouth customers. We consider all of you our best-ever sales team. To reward your loyalty, we keep making our products with the best quality ingredients as we can find. We put our love and caring into every batch, knowing that makes it even more powerful. We ship orders over $45 to you free of charge, and we offer our newsletter subscribers a discount or special offer every month. 


Review of the top seven ingredients comparing a luxury department store face cream, an average drug store cream and our LUSH moisturizer:

'Luxury' Face Cream $180/oz Drug Store Moisturizer $1/oz EAA LUSH Moisturizer $25/oz

Algae Seaweed Extract
Mineral Oil
Microcrystalline Wax
Lanolin Alcohol

Mineral Oil
Microcrystalline Wax
Lanolin Alcohol

Rose Geranium Hydrosol*
Jojoba Oil*
Aloe Vera*
Lavender Hydrosol*
Coconut Oil*
Sweet Almond Oil