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REVERENCE [Autumn Essential Oil Blend]

$ 30.00

An exclusive, limited release of our 5-element Essential Oil Blends (READ MORE). 

This blend of essential oils addresses the spiritual aspects of balancing the Metal elementIn Chinese medicine Autumn rules the Lungs and the Large Intestines. Energetically autumn is the season that prepares us to let go. Letting go of what is finished, non-essential, or not being utilized, is not always an easy process. Most of us hang on much longer than we need to. Our melancholy or regrets can keep us attached to anything much longer than what might be beneficial. Even not being able to release regret and sadness can be a pattern for some, and can further weaken this organ system.

Many of the essential oils in our Autumn Blend have been selected to offer support to these two organs that extract what is vital from the environment. Eucalyptus opens us up to broader vistas and helps us see more possibilities. Cypress essential oil offers us support in times of change and release, and pine essential oil helps to open the breath and like the mighty pine tree, supports grounding and certainty. 

Acceptance and letting go, boundary and openness that are balanced, and a respect for cycles of gathering and release, are all indicative of Metal element. Use our REVERENCE essential oil blend to support yourself in times of release or when boundaries are needed.

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*Pregnant women and children under 2 should avoid this product. These statements are not meant as medical advice. If you have a reaction to using the oil, stop using it.

15 ml | .5 oz

The use and application of essential oils is wide. We have added our proprietary blends in a base of organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It has a waxy substance that mimics collagen. Jojoba oil can reduce wrinkles by increasing hydration and is wonderful for the skin because of its high absorption properties. It is anti-inflammatory and helps heal dry skin, replacing lost oil production.

We encourage you to explore ways to use these 5 element blends, and share with us your favorite use. My favorite way to use them is in my bath water. I add at least a heaping cup of Epsom salts and 10-20 drops of the 5 Element blend to my bath water. They also make amazing massage oils as-is. You can use them as a scalp treatment, or as a foot massage as well.

Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Almond Oil, Essential oil blend

REVERENCE [Autumn Essential Oil Blend]

$ 30.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Taylor D.
Uniquely Beautiful

I have nothing but praise not only for the Reverence Autumn Essential Oil Blend, yet also for the Summer Oil Blend.
They each in their own way provide healing and comfort drop by drop.

And, as well I love LOVE each of the special perfumes.

Sandra Rickert

I am always excited to try any of your new products so when I saw the new oils I knew I had to try them ! After reading the how and why of the autumn blend oil it fit into my quest in this amazing transition time . I not only use it to massage my feet every night but also massage it around my ears . I feel stronger , calmer . My lungs were a little tight and congested, it has help their a lot .