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A Port In The Storm

In this challenging time, all of us here at EAA are keeping our thoughts in a loving and trusting place. We are all powerful creators, even with our thoughts, so take time to surrender your fears and worries over to the divine. This too shall pass.

There are things you can do that may assist in keeping you well, that you won’t hear in the mainstream media, and PLEASE don’t believe everything you hear! Excess stress is devastating to the immune system.

Please take control of your thoughts and use your 3rd eye to envision health, happiness, abundance, and love. BE THE CURE.


If you are financially able, please support your favorite small businesses. Every bit helps. A Nurse friend of mine shared today, “I have updated my thoughts on this virus. It is troublesome. But I think what is more troublesome is the potential social and economic collapse.” Please do your part to share your abundance.

We are a skin care and hygiene line, but we have a lot of experience in wellness and herbal protocols that we would like to share with all of you...


Maybe it would be helpful to know why the CDC is telling us to wash our hands? This flu virus has a lipid (fat) outer layer. When this virus comes into contact with soap, the detergent which, is a surfactant, helps to break up the protective virus’s outer fatty layer. It does this because the soap molecule has two ends. One end is hydrophilic and the other is lipophilic. This lipophilic (fat loving) part of the molecule is attracted to the fatty membrane of the virus and assists in breaking up this protective sheath. Studies have shown that washing for 20 seconds and rinsing well will help to remove viruses that have found their way onto your hands. This protocol will work much better than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.


Our next suggestion has some controversy, so we recommend doing your own research, and using your own discretion. I have loved using Rain Drop Therapy on myself and others who feel they have been exposed to any virus. I have used this method many times with no ill effect. You can follow this link for more information and to learn the technique.


The last time I had flu symptoms, I took oil of Oregano, internally. You will need to proceed here with your own risk. When I took oregano internally, my symptoms reduced almost immediately and continued to decline as I took 3 doses of 5-10 drops daily. Because oregano oil is spicy, I put the oil in empty gel caps, and downed it with a glass of water. Try to find an organic oregano oil that is high in carvacrol. This link contains info on carvacrol. Email us directly to purchase essential oils if you have trouble finding good quality! 


In our house we like to diffuse essential oils, especially during the flu season. We are currently using:

4 drops white pine

2 drops cardamom

2 drops clove bud

Combine in a diffuser with distilled water.

This blend reduces germs and strengthens the immune system.


If you experience lung congestion, you can mix this simple blend for a chest rub:

1 oz jojoba oil

3 drops eucalyptus globulus

5 drops cedarwood

5 drops elemi

2 drops black pepper



Your gut wall houses up to 70% of the cells that make up your immune system. If your gut biome is unhealthy, so are you. Make sure you are eating pre and probiotics daily to support a healthy gut biome. There are so many great recipes (and a good chuckle... also great for the immune system!) for making sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables. It is so easy to do and they taste amazing!

Home made bone broth is also easy to make. Make sure you add lots of garlic and ginger to your finished broth. Both are known to fight colds and flu. Make sure to use organic ingredients.

Check out this link here for more information on why sugars can be a burden on the immune system.


Good health and happiness to all of you dear friends!