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Plant Infused Waters: Hydrosols

In my last post I talked about why most skin care products have water a​t​the top​,​or near to the top,  in their ingredients list. Simple answer is, water is cheap. Spring water is a living ingredient, but most public water sources are contaminated with chemicals like ammonia and chlorine.

The only thing that water in your product will do is grow bacteria, and this must be addressed with anti-bacterial preservatives. Most skin care manufacturers would not go to the trouble to source living, clean, spring water for their products. Not only do I do this, I go a step further and I distill fresh spring water with living plants, to make hydrosols. 

Hydrosols are the plant infused water portion of essential oil making. A tiny amount of the aromatic compounds of the plant material are transmuted into the hydrosol. Where essential oils are lipophilic (oil loving), hydrosols are hydrophilic (water loving). What this means is that essential oils can be hot on the skin, they can cause irritation if not diluted carefully, and they can cause inflammation in certain conditions. Hydrosols are the opposite, they are anti-inflammatory on the skin, and are generally gentle enough to use on baby or elderly skin, especially when they are diluted. 

 I use Rose Geranium Hydrosol in my LUSH face cream, and HYDRATE spray. In both products the Rose Geranium Hydrosol is the number one ingredient. I use it because it is balancing and adaptogenic (exerts a normalizing effect on body processes) for all skin types. It soothes and hydrates dry skin, it balances oily skin, and it soothes sensitive skin. Rose Geranium is a superior humectant (moisture drawing). Rose Geranium has anti-inflammatory properties, it will soothe and cool sun and windburns, rashes, insect bites; literally any skin condition where heat is present, including rosacea. If this wasn’t enough Rose Geranium promotes wound healing. HYDRATE spray is a very soothing after shave treatment for both men and women. Rose Geranium is a miracle worker on the skin.

When you use EAA products topically, you might not realize that you are also treating your entire being with the plant medicines in the contents. Rose Geranium assists in cooling hot conditions like menopausal hot flashes, and is known for easing PMS and hormone related moodiness. Rose Geranium is also good for both sexes and is known to balance male and female energies

I am very proud of our formulations, and I give you my word that there is not one ingredient in EAA products that is not an active one. You will never see water in any of our formulations