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Seattle Apothecaries

We're thrilled to be included in these lists by Seattle Met for the best Apothecaries in our city. Come by and let us cure you!

EAA Sunset Hill

8 Apothecaries That Cure What Ails You, Naturally

"This isn’t Kate Poole’s first Seattle apothecary. Her former venture, E. Smith Mercantile, offered home and herbal goods alongside craft cocktails. Now, Poole focuses on “honestly clean beauty” in a tiny Sunset Hill shop packed with tiny bottles."...

Beyond Remedies, Seattle Apothecaries Cultivate Community

"Kate Poole, who owns Essential Apothecary Alchemist in Ballard, aims to empower people to ask questions like, What is this and what do you use it for? How would that help me?"...