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How To Thrive in the Late Summer Season Transition

The season of late summer in Chinese medicine is represented by the element of earth. Earth element is indicative of nourishment and abundance. Late summer is the season where my garden is bursting with the fruits of the seeds I planted in the spring months, and the garden is a beautiful physical example of earth element. Earth energies are foundational for physical nourishment and emotional nurturing. The organs ruled by the earth element are the spleen/pancreas and the stomach. 

Earth rules the organs most associated with digestion or the absorption of nutrients. The earth elements are yin and are representative of these organs abilities to transform nutrients and to transport them throughout the body, as bodily fluids and blood.

The earth element also is responsible for how we process and absorb information. When earth element is balanced in our constitution we can concentrate and absorb information easily. When earth element is not functioning properly we can feel confused, worry easily, and are self doubting. Earth at its highest vibration is associated with empathy. Empathy comes with a strong sense of self and the ability to be present for another without taking on “other.” In this way empathy is available to bring comfort and support to those in need. 

Excess worry can damage or weaken the spleen/pancreas and the stomach organs. Use EARTH oil blend when you need to feel grounded and supported. Essential oils of benzoin and sandalwood help to relax an over active intellect, and essential oils of coriander are uplifting and are considered tonifying to the nervous system. We have also added vetiver essential oil to help calm an overactive mind, and assist in a feeling of groundedness.  

I like to add a few drops of EARTH oil warmed into my hands and I massage these into the abdomen. Starting around my navel and working in counter clockwise circles. This beautiful blend is calming and aids in stomach upset and indigestion. It is also very nice to add drops to the bath water along with epsom salts. This can be a great aid for calming the body/mind before sleep. 

Earth element constitutional types are nurturing and supportive. They are able to form and support community, to which they are committed. They are loyal types and protect those who are a part of their concern. Too much earth in a persons constitution, may cause them to be overprotective and controlling. Or, they themselves can be needy and prone to over worry. I reach for EARTH oil blend when I am in need of grounding and support, or when I have concerns that cause me to over think and when I have too much information to process. 

I hope you enjoy EARTH oil blend as much as I do. Let us know how you are using the 5 element oils and how they are working for you. Enjoy your late summer and the final warm sunny days of summer.