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How Are You Feeding Your Skin?

I was born one of those highly sensitive types who felt almost instantly the effects of chemicals in my food, water, and in my environment. Because of this I have always had an affinity to natural medicine and clean living. I have studied natural healing modalities since I was a child. I gathered and dried herbs and studied their medicinal qualities. I raised my daughters on home remedies, and vibrational medicine practices. 

There was, however, a big disconnect when it came to the products I was putting on my skin.

A decade ago, there were very few product lines on the market catering to those of us who really cared about what we were putting on our skin, and absorbing into our bodies. EAA was born out of my desire to create a clean product line that matched my level of sensitivity and my concern for not adding more toxic chemicals to our precious environment. 

Beauty Package

I found that because I had studied plant medicines and nutrition for so many years, I could apply my knowledge of simple but powerfully healing ingredients to formulate products that really do feed and nourish the skin. Many people ask if I am a chemist. I don’t have much use for reductionist sciences. Rather, I reply, “I am an Alchemist.”

At Essential Apothecary Alchemist, we focus on the powerful healing powers of pure plant extracts and a carefully chosen blending of organic compounds that are transforming, by their use. 

At the core of EAA products we use pure essential oils that offer a vast array of health benefits ranging from detoxifying to soothing, anti-bacterial to anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving to stimulating. Not to mention, they smell incredible and have a huge effect on our mood via the limbic system. Pure essential oils have an innate intelligence to restore the body to a state of balance. These alchemical essences are at the heart of all my formulations.

If you are a person who never looks at the ingredients list on the products you purchase to apply to your lovely protective skin, if you don’t care that ingredients like dimethicone (found in most major brands) can actually increase skin irritation due to the coating property, and because dimethicone is listed as a possible skin and eye irritant, you may want to reconsider not taking the time to inform yourself. On top of all this, dimethicone is a non-biodegradable chemical and is bad for the environment. If however you do care about your body, mind, and spirit, and you see yourself connected to all of creation, than this note and EAA products will be worth your interest.

We make a promise to our patrons that we will use the highest quality organic ingredients available to us.

We also intend to craft products where every single ingredient is an active one. Meaning that all parts of a product will have an active effect on healing, nourishing, and treating the skin. You will never see water as an ingredient in EAA products. Water has no active treatments to the skin, and must be balanced with sometimes very harsh chemical antibacterial agents. Instead of using water, we use the plant hydrosols, the hydro part of essential oil making process. These very active plant waters have incredible healing properties to treat body, mind, and spirit. 

For a list of our ingredients, and more information on each ingredient, take some time to read the Glossary section of our Main Menu. Thank you for loving your skin and the skin you are in. Keep glowing!