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LUSTER : Facial Cleanser

$ 26.00

Removes impurities • Repairs and regenerates • Promotes tissue regeneration

Our LUSTER gentle facial cleanser is highly concentrated, and pH balanced to address all skin conditions. Aloe Vera and vitamin E oils contribute to its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities, while coconut oil helps to retain moisture and soothe irritated skin without stripping it. LUSTER is formulated to address the signs of aging by increasing cell energy, boosting skin cell repair, stimulating collagen synthesis, and adding moisture back into the skin, naturally. Lactic Acid gently exfoliates the skin, aids in cell renewal, and improves collagen and elastin synthesis. The blend of essential oils used in LUSTER, have been used to prevent collagen degeneration and to soothe damaged skin tissue, promote tissue regeneration and to speed wound healing, as well as to help balance the sebum, cleanse, and improve blood flow.


120 ml | 8 oz or 60ml | 4oz

Botanical Alchemy

ALOE VERA Aloe barbadensis is very anti microbial and anti inflammatory. It assists the skin to heal quickly, minimizes scarring, and moisturizes without feeling oily. The vitamin E and C present help to improve skin's natural firmness and aids in keeping the skin hydrated.

ROSEHIP OIL Rosa canina helps to delay the aging process, assists in cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels. It contains natural Tretinoin, a derivative of Retinol (vitamin A) which replenishes and rebuilds skin tissue, as well as naturally occurring anti-oxidant tocopherols (vitamin E).

JOJOBA OIL Simmondsia chinensis is high in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and waxy substances that mimic collagen. It can reduce wrinkles by increasing hydration and is wonderful for the skin because of its high absorption properties. It is anti inflammatory and helps heal dry skin, replacing lost oil production, yet it also controls over production of sebum so it won't clog pores.

SESAME SEED OIL Sesamum indicum is cold pressed from the white seed of Sesamum indicum. Sesame oil is one of the most popular oils in Ayurvedic Medicine, used for detoxification and purification. It's rich in two unusual compounds, sasamine and sasamoline, that together with beta-sitosterol and high levels of essential fatty, and polyunsaturated, acids gives Sesame Seed Oil restructuring and, anti-oxidant, activity.

ROSEMARY ANTIOXIDANT ESSENTIAL OIL Lavendula angustifolia has a cooling, dispersing, and relaxing quality. It is cooling and healing on the skin, and is use to relieve inflammation. It as antispasmodic and pain relieving.

We recommend washing your face both morning and night. If you’re only able to wash once a day, do it at night to make sure you’re removing any environmental toxins and dead skin cells accumulated throughout the day.

To wash your face, begin by getting it wet with warm water. Add a quarter pump of LUSTER to your palm and gently work it between your hands before applying it to your face. Make round, circular movements with your fingertips, making sure you get down onto your neck and décolleté. The goal with our skincare regimen is to increase circulation through massage. This encourages lymphatic drainage and helps the product to tonify and penetrate deeper into the skin.

I feel it’s best to use a cream cleanser, which will penetrate deeper. The fat molecules in straight oil are too large to penetrate into the skin, but they do form a protective layer. However, if you have highly oily skin with active oil production, this oil cleansing protocol will help to balance the production overload. First add a few drops of NECTAR combined with a spray or two of HYDRATE with you LUSTER, in the palm of your hand and warm between your palms to combine. Apply to the face, massaging in round, circular movements with your fingertips, making sure you get down onto your neck and décolleté to encourage lymphatic drainage, and penetrate deeper into the skin. 

I like to use a Natural Sea Sponge to rinse my face. It helps keep me from splashing water everywhere while rinsing, and aids in removing any additional skin cell build-up. If you take good care of them, they last for a long time. Rinse out your sponge thoroughly, and store in a dry place after use.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Glycerine*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Decyl Glucoside (coconut derived), Rosehip Seed Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Sclerotium Gum, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant, Gluco and Sodium Benzoate (accepted by ECOCERT as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics), Vitamin E*, Lactic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Pro-Vitamin B5, Essential Oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Carrot Seed. *organically sourced

LUSTER : Facial Cleanser

$ 26.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Charlotte Halvorson
Wonderful Product

This cleanser is amazing. Goes on smooth and silky, leaves your face feeling so fresh and clean and nourished. And the dispenser measures out the exact amount needed in a single pump, with no waste. I love it!

Darcie Barr

I love the gentle and hydrating nature of this cleanser. Being able to use it alone or add radiance when I need some exfoliation is perfect for my sensitive skin!

marcia aldrich

very hydrating and nourishing as it cleans. Feel spoiled to consider anything else.

Niloufar Park
Soothing and effective

This creamy cleanser is very hydrating and soothing. No more winter skin. I absolutely love it and a BIG fan.

Jill Martin

Wonderful product. Gentle and effective.