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Spring Cleaning

We survived another winter my loves!

Time to sweep out the cobwebs and the dust. Time to throw open the windows and let the cool breezes of spring refresh the stagnant air. Time to get down to letting the past go and preparing for a new chapter!

Spring cleaning for me is as necessary as the daily practice of brushing my teeth. I do believe that clearing out almost every part of my home and my life is one of the most powerful and healing things I can do for myself.  A good spring cleaning is something I don’t even need to prepare for, it just feels like something that is part of me, I have always done it. 

I want to remind you all not for forget the cabinets and the drawers where you keep your skin care and hygiene products. If you are like me, (I assume you are because you are following my posts) you know how important it is to use clean products on your body. These products generally do not have strong chemical ingredients to make them shelf stable for all eternity. I use plant based preservatives in Essential Apothecary Alchemist products. I bottle them in dark glass to help them from becoming oxidized, and I add good quality mixed tocotrienols to protect the oil ingredients from becoming rancid.

Bathroom detail at Hunter Moon Homestead


I recommend using up your EAA products daily and not keeping them for later use. The ingredients I use are food grade, and just like food, they are more nutritious when used fresh. If you have ANY old skin care or hygiene products in your home, I encourage you to discard them and start fresh. Finish this ritual with wiping out the area where I store my body care products. You might also enjoy organizing them in lovely baskets or other attractive storage containers. Doing a very deep and thorough cleaning in the room where we do daily cleaning of our bodies is such a gratifying ritual.

Each spring I like to treat myself to a new face towel or a beautiful candle for my bathroom. Check out newly discovered Saint Candles that offer gorgeous scents.

Your external environment is an absolute reflection of your inner space! Choose beauty, loved ones, in every little detail. Be your beauty and let your one of a kind shine!!