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Embracing Transformation | Part 2

The Alchemist Uses The Power Of Love As A Tool For Transformation

"Everything I need, I already have."

This statement has been in my mind and on my lips for a few years now. Saying these words, believing them, and living them out, trusting the truth of them, has been an ongoing practice. Realizing that all of my “problems”, my fears, my needs, my insecurities, are just my perceptions of the moment. Isolating an inner perception and then spending time with it - contemplating it, writing about it, and really feeling into it, and maybe even giving it a voice, or, in other words, going inside to work on any and all aspects of our selves. What could be a more loving act to ourselves than that!?

Our physical worlds are merely a reflection of our inner realities. Yet how many of us take the time to do the inner work that is needed to really change what is reflected in the outer? We spend most of our time tending to the outer, expecting that this will cause needed shifts, but untended beliefs, old wounds, and outdated self-images are truly what make manifest our beliefs. 

If you find yourself in repeated situations, know that there is an unhealed belief inside of you just waiting to be considered for healing. The Universe is so loving. We get endless chances to see the patterns of our inner self beliefs, reflected in the outer. We are here for our own spiritual growth and evolution. There is really nothing more important than that, and yet many of us give almost no time to healing these unowned and unhealed parts of ourselves.

Ladies of all colors stand together in white

The truth is, we are all perfect at our core, in spite of the lessons we need to learn. It is impossible to shift something from a place of hate. It is only through the power of love, self-love, that we can see the lesson, and know the lesson is not the true self, but simply a way to help you see what needs to be shifted. We can give ourselves the grace of being a work in progress. We were created to love, and I believe that the vibration of love is the only true and real thing. The power of love is under and through everything, we have only to mine our inner depths to uncover it. Love is mercy and grace and forgiveness, any other voice in you is not truth. No matter the situation you are in with yourself or anyone else, if you look for the message of love, there you will find the truth of your situation and the solution.

We can all use the power of love in any and all circumstances in our lives, both inner and outer, to get to the truth.

Love yourselves big my friends, and use this power to live in truth.