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New Release: KATHAROS Ritual Incense

The theme for the new year, at least for the first 6 months or so, seems to be, SLOW DOWN. I’m trying, even though it’s not my nature. I am moving through my list of to do’s with a more centered awareness that it will all get done in due time.

Having or establishing daily mindfulness rituals helps me to remember to slow down my busy mind and be more thoughtful of how I am spending my time, and where I am putting my attention. My morning spiritual practice helps me set the tone for my day. Some days even 5 minutes of contemplation is helpful. I have a special place in my home, and a special chair, and I try to sit down at the same time everyday. Setting the intention that I am worth this time of focus and connection, has been a true life changing experience. Before I center myself, I light a cone of incense and I breathe in the sweet aroma of smoke. Burning incense to center the mind has been done on every continent of our small blue planet since ancient times.

Katharos Incense

We would love to introduce you to a new product in our EAA lineup, KATHAROS Ritual Incense! Katharos is a pre-greek word meaning pure, clean or perfect. Jesus used the term 'katharos' in reference to the enlightened heart, the eye of the heart that is unsoiled and unblemished.

KATHAROS ritual incense ingredients

PS. A special treat for you DIY'ers: Last year I filmed a course, The Alchemist, on scenting the home naturally. One of my favorite segments walks you through how to create your own cone incense.