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Featured Artist: Etta Lilienthal

Join us in our Studio Workshop for Ballard Art Walk this month on July 13th from 4 to 6pm, for an opening reception featuring the water colors of Etta Lilienthal. 

Etta Lilienthal


Works on paper created using traditional watercolors, semi-precious earth mineral
pigments and pen & ink using the metaphor of the River: a connecting thread between two points, horizontal and vertical, visible and invisible. 

"Over the past 6 years I have worked in the medium of light sculpture, primarily in collaboration with other visual artists. After a recent artist residency in Iceland where I reconnected to my painting roots, I began an inquiry into combining my light sculpture practice with my painting practice. My small watercolors works explore the way light connects the space in-between the land and sky, the place we humans regularly inhabit."

Etta's artistic mission is the monumental work of capturing, studying, and evolving the human condition; her deepest desire is to write an unspoken, visual language of connection, providing an alternative way for people to communicate with one another through color, light, space, movement and stillness.


Kate Poole
Kate Poole