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LUMINOUS [Moisturizing Mask]

$ 38.00

Detoxes the skin • Reduces dark spots • Attracts and retains moisture

Luminous is a very concentrated, nutritionally focused, and hydrating mask. It also contains a small amount of plant material that acts as a mild exfoliant, and has been formulated to heal cuts, burns and abrasions. We suggest adding this exfoliating mask to your skincare regimen once a week for balanced skin conditions and every other week for more oily skin conditions. If you’re experiencing very dry or eczema afflicted skin conditions, apply a LUMINOUS mask every other day until conditions improve. Because EAA skincare is balancing, you should see changes, healing and balancing in your skin with continued use. As you see changes, adjust accordingly.


45 ml | 1.5 oz

Botanical Alchemy

HONEY Apis mellifera has been used to assist the rapid healing of damaged skin tissue, and for its ability to hydrate the skin. Honey has antimicrobial properties which are thought to be due to its enzymatic release of hydrogen peroxide from the application on honey on the skin. Honey is a powerhouse of nutrition, it contains all of the B-complex, A, C, D, E and K vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. The live enzyme content of honey is one of the highest of all foods. Honey has natural antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that are protective to the skin when applied topically, and research shows that honey is able to protect the skin from sun damage.

GLYCERIN is a natural humectant (attracts water) and seals in moisture. It helps maintain the skin's water balance on an intracellular level. Its emollient like properties soften and soothe the skin.

ALOE VERA Aloe barbadensis is very anti microbial and anti inflammatory. It assists the skin to heal quickly, minimizes scarring, and moisturizes without feeling oily. The vitamin E and C present help to improve skin's natural firmness and aids in keeping the skin hydrated.

OAT Avena sativa reduces redness, irritation, and inflammation to quickly heal damaged skin tissue. Studies have shown Avena Sativa to reduces sun damage because it stimulates collagen synthesis, and penetrates into the lower levels of skin where wrinkles are formed.

ROSE Rosaceae is anti-inflammatory. It helps to prevent and reduce scarring of the skin.

WILLOW BARK EXTRACT Salix nigra has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties to balance and tone the skin.

SODIUM LACTATE is the sodium salt of natural L(+)-Lactic Acid, produced through the fermentation of sugar, an alpha hydroxy acid that occurs everywhere in nature. Sodium Lactate is a super moisturizer, and studies have show that it increases the moisture of the skin by up to 84%.

MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON improves cellular health. Our marine phytoplankton comes from the pristine waters of Canada's west coast. Its benefits to the skin are in the early stages of research, we use it for its amazing properties. It contains nearly every trace element of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, co-enzymes, enzymes, and antioxidants needed for survival, including a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids which penetrate deeply into the skin to provide long lasting moisture. Phytoplankton contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage. Phytoplankton are able to protect themselves from damaging UV rays from the sun. Also a great source of zinc, which is an important mineral to prevent acne. Phytoplankton can help calm inflammation and relieve redness and swelling.

CALENDULA Calendula officinalis has been shown in clinical trials to increase cell proliferation and encourage the gradulation process of wound healing.

LICORICE ROOT Glycyrrhiza glabra contains compounds that function as anti inflammatory agents. Glycyrrhizin and glcyrrizinic acids and other bioflavonoids in licorice root have shown to hydrate the skin and have positive effects on skin conditions including eczema. Licochalcone, another element in licorice, assists the skin to regulate oil production, making it a superb healing agent for addressing acne. The galbridin in licorice rood helps to reduce uneven skin darkening, reducing hyperpignentation. Licorice root works by blocking tyrosinase, the skin enzyme that is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. It is well tolerated by all skin types.

Scoop approximately ½ a tablespoon of LUMINOUS from the jar and work the product in circular motions over your face, avoiding eye areas. Be sure to include the lips, neck and décolleté. The longer you leave it on, the better it works. Some people tell me they put it on and go to bed, but it is sticky, so watch be careful to protect your sheets! As it begins to dry and forms a tacky layer, gently press your hands into your face and quickly release to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Because LUMINOUS is balancing and deeply hydrating, most people find that additional moisturizing is not necessary after rinsing. Simply follow use by patting a few sprays of HYDRATE mist into your skin to tonify.

Use LUMINOUS as a wound salve and to heal acne blemishes. Dab a small amount using the tip of a finger over the affected area and allow to dry. Leave on as long as possible before rinsing with warm water.

Honey, Herb Infused Glycerine, Aloe Vera Powder*, Avena Sativa, Rose Petals*, Jasmine Butter*, Willow Bark Extract, Sodium Lactate, Phytoplankton, Calendula, Licorice Root Powder*, Essential Oils: Cardamom, Jasmine. *organically sourced

LUMINOUS [Moisturizing Mask]

$ 38.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Erin G.
Love this

This will definitely become a lasting part of my skincare routine-- I saw a noticeable difference in the smoothness and radiance of my skin after a single use. Luminous, indeed!


I use this mask about once a week for my very own EAA spa day, and it makes me feel extra supple and luminous!