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Getting The Best Cleanse: Facial Cleansing Protocol

We recommend washing your face both morning and night. If you’re only able to wash once a day, do it at night to make sure you’re removing any environmental toxins and dead skin cells accumulated throughout the day.

Proper Cleansing Technique

At the heart of the Essential Apothecary Alchemist facial ritual lies LUSTER, a gentle facial cleanser that goes beyond mere cleansing. Infused with botanical wonders like Aloe Vera, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, lactic acid (a natural gentle exfoliant), and rosemary essential oil, LUSTER removes impurities while nourishing and repairing your skin. Its pH-balanced formula ensures gentle yet effective cleansing, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

To wash your face, begin by getting it wet with warm water. Add a quarter pump of LUSTER to your palm and gently work it between your hands before applying it to your face. Make round, circular movements with your fingertips, making sure you get down onto your neck and décolleté. The goal with our skincare regimen is to increase circulation through massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and penetrate deeper into the skin.


Essential Apothecary Alchemist products

If you have extremely dry skin add a drop of NECTAR with your LUSTER when you cleanse.


adding NECTAR to your facial cleanser


I like to use a Natural Sea Sponge to rinse my face. It helps keep me from splashing water everywhere while rinsing, and aids in removing any additional skin cell build-up. If you take good care of them, they last for a long time. Rinse out your sponge thoroughly, and store in a dry place after use.

Adding The Art Of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the key to unlocking radiant skin, because it helps remove dead skin cells and environmental toxins that can cause free radical damage (early aging!). Add this step to your cleansing ritual for a deeper cleanse.

I use RADIANCE gentle exfoliation daily as part of my cleansing protocol. Crafted with kaolin clay, chamomile, rose, comfrey, and dandelion, RADIANCE gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion beneath.


RADIANCE gentle exfoliation


If you’re over 30, we recommend adding an extra level of exfoliation to your cleanser at least 3 times a week. Skip this step if you have highly sensitive, dry or irritated skin. Add a ¼ teaspoon or less of RADIANCE to the quarter pump of LUSTER, with a few drops of water, and blend to make a paste. With the added exfoliation, you really want to concentrate on massage. Massage for at least one minute, but up to 3 minutes is recommended. I concentrate on the forehead, around the nose, and under the lower lip.  Work up your neck and on your chin line, where many women are prone to breakouts caused by hormonal issues. Using RADIANCE as a gentle exfoliation will take off the accumulated dead skin cell layer and penetrate your cleanser deeper into the dermis, while improving the dull appearance of the skin, reducing large pores, and refining any fine lines or wrinkles. 

If you have super dry skin and are worried about stripping during exfoliation, you can still exfoliate at least once a week by mixing hydration into your scrub. Add 3-4 drops of the NECTAR serum or ¼ tsp of the LUMINOUS honey mask to your LUSTER cleanser. This will offer oil hydration and nutritional support during your exfoliation. Because EAA skincare is balancing, you should see changes, healing and balancing in your skin with continued use. As you see changes, adjust accordingly. 

Once you’re done with the massage, allow the paste to dry for a few minutes to help pull out any toxicity or congestion in your pores. Leave on as a mask as long as you like. Rinse clean with warm water using your natural sea sponge.

After exfoliation I like to finish with LUMINOUS honey mask. Leave it on as long as you like. 

Be Your Beauty

As you embark on your journey to radiant skin with the Essential Apothecary Alchemist facial ritual, remember that beauty is not just about appearance—it's about self-care, self-love, and self-expression. Check out our full at-home facial ritual. Embrace your unique radiance and let your one-of-a-kind-shine!