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The Botanist's Garden at Hunter Moon Homestead

I have dreamed of the day where I could gather up old friends and new ones, to celebrate each other and nurture our creative spirits, for a very long time. 

We will gather in the beautiful Palouse prairie on Hunter Moon Homestead to celebrate the abundance and beauty that surrounds us. We will gather botanical plant materials both native and cultivated, and use them in a variety of ways to explore and utilize our creative imagination. 

We will play using eco plant dyes, botanical stencil applications, floral cyanotype, playful botanical illustrations, floral stamp making, and stitching to embellish our creations. I want to show you how to infuse your beverages and your foods with botanical ingredients, and bring the beauty of botanical ingredients to embellish your edible creations. We will also gather plant materials to make our own incense, and so much more play and creativity.

There is nothing more healing than taking time in nature to quiet your spirit and celebrate your beautiful creative soul. I hope to see you here. I look forward to offering a place of refuge, thoughtful nourishment, and lavish offerings from my heart to yours.

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