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You Are A Container Of The Most Abundant Elemental On Our Beautiful Blue Planet: WATER

Today the Sun and Moon are both in water signs, as is Neptune and Jupiter. I have an affinity to water, its weight, its movement, its color and “shape”. I love its power to erode even the most immovable mountain, and its ability to extinguish the hottest fire. Of all of the elementals, water speaks to me most powerfully. When I remember my dreams, I am almost always in, or near, the water. This has been true all of my life. I live in a Scorpio city that is buffered by water on its west side. When the wind blows from west to east, the briny fragrance of the Pacific Ocean is palpable.

Our human bodies are composed of up to 60% water. Our human hearts and brains contain 73% water, our blood is 80% water, and our cells contain between 70-90% water.

The late Dr. Robert Marshall taught his students that humans are losing their thirst, as our water sources become more and more polluted. He taught us that we would find that water was one of the most deficient nutrients in most of our clients. How much water are you drinking? Nutrition experts tell us that we should be consuming ½ of our body weight in ounces every day. To do that takes a lot of commitment, but if you do, your body processes work a lot better. Staying hydrated will help to lubricate your joints, cushion your brain, help to detox your body, improve your digestion and the processing of nutrients, increase elasticity in the skin, and delay signs of aging. Water is an essential nutrient!

The power of water is undeniable. Water possesses the ability to break down the hardest of materials over time, and this explains its nomenclature as the universal solvent. But, water has another interesting and opposite nature. Masaru Emoto devoted years of research that showed through photographic evidence, that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto demonstrated that after exposing water to words, images, or music and then freezing the water, that variable properties were produced in the crystalline structure of the then frozen water.

Water that was exposed to positive affirmations and thoughts, etc., were more uniform and wholesome, while water exposed to negative thoughts, words, and sounds, produced distorted, fractured, and discordant crystals.

The images below show water exposed to words and then frozen and photographed:

As important as water is for life, you will not see water in any of my formulations. Over the next few posts I will dive deeper (pun intended) into the subject of water as a main ingredient in most skin care products. The absence of “water” in EAA products is what sets us apart.