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YPARXI [vetiver, cardamom, cedar, tobacco]

$ 58.00

Essential Oil Perfume | YPARXI "being"

vetiver, cardamom, cedar, tobacco accord

YPARXI is the strong, powerful, caregiver. Ancient spice warmed with tobacco and wood. 100% pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil.


Vetiver-sweet, earthy, warm, smoky
properties- anti-depressive, cooling and nourishing, restorative, supports digestion.

Cardamom-warm, spicy, sweet, balsamic
properties-anti spasmodic, digestive stimulant, brain and nervous system tonic

Cedar Wood-woody, sweet, balsamic
properties- calming, lymph tonic, decongestant, can help bolster the will when feeling defeated

Tobacco Accord- warm, spicy, woody, hay
properties- aphrodisiac, relaxing, calming, relieves mental stress and exhaustion, stimulates digestion, grounding

YPARXI [vetiver, cardamom, cedar, tobacco]

$ 58.00