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E. SMITH MERCANTILE SPECIALTY PANTRY features a collection of our house made favorites from the Back Bar. Our specialty pantry items are carefully sourced and artfully prepared using only the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. 

Inspired by the history of using alcohol as a vessel for the medicinal qualities of plants, we combine seasonal herbal, fruit and floral ingredients in all of our balanced and flavorful bitters. 

Perfume for your nose, our Spiced Chocolate Bitters starts with top notes of bitter herbs, dances to a middle note of building spice, and finishes with a base of sweet citrus and deep chocolate. A favorite in tequila drinks and a surprising addition to rum and coke. 

Ingredients: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, Orange, Grapefruit, ESM Specialty Coffee, Valrhona Chocolate, Quassia Bark, Organic Spices. 

*Shake well before use*

2 fl oz. | 40% ABV