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Pep Soap

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Pep Soap

Whether you are preparing for a brand new day or unwinding for the evening, your daily ritual is sensual, intimate, and deeply personal. It is a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate. When you take the time to be kind to yourself, you emerge better and happier. 

Full Size: 120 g | 4.2 oz.

WATER: 6 a.m. Monday morning. Are you ready? Allow Water with its refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint to give you a sensual boost and the quiet confidence to handle whatever modern life throws at you.

MIDNIGHT: Detoxifying activated charcoal gives the soap its signature colour. Unlike some other activated charcoal products, Midnight at Rocky Point does not produce black suds. Midnight at Rocky Point is scented with refreshing lemongrass and clarifying eucalyptus. A touch of earthy patchouli finishes with a mysterious flair. Picture yourself at the shoreline on a warm summer night overlooking the moonlit water, cool crisp air on your skin.

EARTH: The joy and gratitude of touching rich dark soil in spring after a long winter. Earthy clove bud combined with rosemary and eucalyptus to restore and revive. Finely ground coffee is folded into the soap batter to gently exfoliate to reveal luminous skin.

AIR: Calming lavender blended with energizing sweet fennel, Air is inspired by west coast’s expansive skyline - borderless blue sky stretching out to infinity, decorated by cirrus clouds with silky sheen. Take a deep breath of fresh air to clear the mind and gain perspective.

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