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DYNAMI [tobacco, bourbon, cedar]

$ 29.00

Essential Oil Perfume | DYNAMI "power"

tobacco accord, old bourbon accord, cedar wood

DYNAMI is the sweet spice of whiskey over rocks. Rich, earthy, and slightly smoky. Grandpa's pipe rocking through the cedar forest. 100% pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil.

Limited run of 30 bottles.


Tobacco Accord- warm, spicy, woody, hay
properties- aphrodisiac, relaxing, calming, relieves mental stress and exhaustion, stimulates digestion, grounding

Old Bourbon Accord- bourbon, woody, resin, fruity
properties- calming, soothing, sexual tonic, restorative, digestive stimulant

Cedar Wood- woody, sweet, balsamic
properties- anti-infective, astringent, calming, lymph tonic, decongestant, can help bolster the will when feeling defeated

DYNAMI [tobacco, bourbon, cedar]

$ 29.00