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ALITHEA [lily accord, neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang]

$ 58.00

ily accord, neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang

ALITHEA is the lady in the garden. White flowers, nectar and the subtle spice of a fresh blade. 100% pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil.


Lily accord-sweet, rich, floral
properties- calming, restorative

Neroli- bitter-sweet, warm, rich, green
properties- cooling, digestive stimulant, helps to release repressed emotions

Jasmine-warm, rich, floral, sweet
properties- anti-depressive, calming, sexual tonic, uterine tonic, enhances intuition

Yang Ylang-floral, sweet, slight spice 
properties-cooling, moistening, calming to the nervous system, helps to settle a restless heart and aids sleep, uplifting aphrodisiac and sexual tonic


ALITHEA [lily accord, neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang]

$ 58.00