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There are 13 lunations starting December 2017 and ending December 2018, beginning with the new moon and ending before the next. Within each lunar illustration you will find an inner circle and a daily leaf that allows you to track any cycle along with the lunar phases. Write or draw in the daily leaves. Color or number the circles. Write or draw wherever you’d like!

 You may track your mood, food, dreams or daily experiences.

You may also track your menstrual/ovulation cycle by coloring in the smaller circles. This may support either planning or avoiding conception.

If you are tracking your pregnancy, you may number the weeks along side the lunar phases.

If you are entering or exiting menopause, you may track your new rhythms and reorient your connection to the moon. 

A full page for each new moon invites space for welcoming the darkness, receiving the gifts it offers, and setting intentions. The daily pages allow us to track and journal our lives as we move towards the light of the full moon, where we are given another full page to express those intentions, knowing each cycle will begin again.